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Name of Student

Motaz Hajeer


Ismat Asaad

Artwork Description

The idea of the artistic work was to highlight a problem facing young people, namely loss and dispersion, and I have had difficulty in showing this idea through the implementation of the work because this problem is also suffering from it. At the beginning of the work, the artist focused on drawing the characters to make sure the idea of the subject of work (loss), and focused on the use of expressive colors in the drawing of the people to leave the empty space behind them to support the idea, and linked between the two panels in the tape located at the top is a wall cracked in dark color to express About the loss. The way in which the artwork was presented was to emphasize the idea of working by displaying the two paintings contrary to the direction.

Category (Nature of work)

Graduation Projects

Academic Program


Artwork Department

Department Of Applied Arts

Technique of action

The technique used in the work was a new technology used in the background as it appeared, which was the water colors (Transparency).

Name of Supervisor