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Name of Student

Mo'ayad Abu Ghazaleh

Artwork Description

This proposed interior project is related to Jovial Tourism and Travelling Company. Jovial in French Language means happiness and comfort. Thus, the designer tries to achieve that through thematic design, aesthetic elements, and graphic design elements. This interior design build on mixing between traditional interior elements with a modern one to: (1)a adopt a new style, (2) to provide a comfortable and a joyful environment, (3) and to connect interior design with surrounded atmosphere and culture of France. For instance, the designer uses the spirit of traditional architectural elements (i.e., arches) in new materials to show different visual qualities; using transparent materials ( glass) to provide a connection and open vision between all interior functions; gradient rose colour to provide way finding and coding to users; and using steel elements that is connected to modernity. In turn, that can help visitors to move smoothly and comfortably between interior functions. In addition to that, the design included graphic design paintings (i.e., art that is connected to France in black and white) to provide identity to the interior spaces. Also, he includes gradient rose color to provide a calm environment, white to provide comfort, black to provide elegance and formality, and white to provide purity

Course Name

Interior Design 4

Category (Nature of work)

Academic Art Works

Academic Program

Interior Design

Artwork Department

Department Of Fine Arts

Artwork type

Interior Design

Name of Supervisor