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Name of Student

Mahmoud Rbayaa

Artwork Description

The interior design of the children's bedroom is inspired by modern school design to create comfortable environment that can help to create three important areas: (1) two beds to sleep; two offices to study; and one space to play. The designer used smart furniture to create one of the offices that helps to save more spaces. He used wood to create the furniture. He depends on evidences from literature that demonstrating how to design comfortable and healing environments for children. For instance, a study by Abulawi et al., (2019) describes that children prefer wood materials to provide comfortable environment for them. Such a material is connected to nature and can helps them to feel comfortable. Furthermore, they prefer colors related to nature such as blue and green s to create their interior environment ( Ibid).

Course Name

Interior Design 1

Category (Nature of work)

Academic Art Works

Academic Program

Interior Design

Artwork Department

Department Of Fine Arts

Name of Supervisor