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Name of Student

Reem Kilany


Kamal Zaidan

Artwork Description

The bird is one of the most important birds that maintain the ecological balance by catching the weak animals that cause damage to the environment and diseases. In addition, it plays the role of mother and father to care for its young. . Through my project I would like to do the opposite of the pessimistic picture of the owl and the most prominent of them in another way.

Category (Nature of work)

Graduation Projects

Academic Program


Artwork Department

Department Of Applied Arts

Technique of action

o Making sketches o Individual mud. o Scratch painting on clay. o The work of prominent and gullible drilling. o Put some details. o Cutting shapes. o Dispose the pieces and leave them to dry. o Insert it into the oven for the first burn. o Spray work in color. o Place the glycemic material. o Insert it into the oven for the second burn. o Putting the luster material. • Install the pieces on the branches of the wooden tree.

Artwork type



Clay, Colors

Name of Supervisor

فيديو للعمل الفني