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Name of Student

Suha Qzaih



Artwork Description

This work is a mural made up of large and small pieces , formed in a prominent and gorgeous form. The female element was used as an element of sovereignty in the project, especially the old Palestinian heritage women and carrying a basket of fruits. The rest of the pieces were placed on them, all related to this woman, for example the element of snailsel and the necklace that is placed on the woman's neck. Indicates that the woman is protecting her family from any injustice and the door and window, which shows that the woman is the control of the house through the closure of windows and doors or open, especially the key, which indicates that the woman is the owner of the house and shows the Palestinian key to return and placed the jar element Women are the only ones that carry around and go to fill with water Zaanasr pistil to knock thyme to feed her children and the element of the lantern because it illuminates her joy and happiness and the element of the bird and the cock shows that woman is to wake up early in the morning to feed her children and cared about them before Akharoj from home all of this shows that the Palestinian women and their strength.

Category (Nature of work)

Graduation Projects

Academic Program


Artwork Department

Department Of Applied Arts

Name of Supervisor

فيديو للعمل الفني