The Faculty Message

The Faculty Message:

Starting with the university message that points at being distinctive in academic performance, and on the international level, through providing a quality of higher education in different specializations that serve the local community and the surrounding communities through the graduation of distinctively qualified students on the academic and scientific levels with the required needs for local market and surrounding markets, the faculty of Arts is working on achieving progress and prosperity for the nations of the region, through its implementation of the university vision of the developments that are taking place on world wide, especially in this region. This region needs qualified human resources for the construction, progress and the uplifting of all aspects of our homeland and other nations as well.

The faculty of Arts, at An-Najah National University, as the rest of the university faculties looks always for distinction as being the only faculty in Palestine that grants an academic certificate in Arts and Music. The faculty has set the path for the creative art talents, to join the academic study. It also worked on polishing those talents and prepared them very well so they become able to spread the musical and artistic awareness among the Palestinian people, and in the region through its different programs of all aspects that contributed in enhancing and raising the level of art and music culture in Palestinian society.



The Faculty of fine Arts has contributed through giving its students a methodological teaching by going through the intense competition that is seen by the labor market by using developed art and science methods that work on advancing creative and critical thinking in the fields of Applied and Formative Arts and Music. These increase the students’ skills to enable them to inter the world of professionalism with high efficiency that is based on implementing the newest techniques that accept the continuous development to keep up with the scientific and artistic demands of the local market. This development depends on the criteria that the students undergo; those students who are accepted in those new programs accepted by specialized international colleges that is based on the quality resulting from the information and technology revolution. By this it aims to connect its programs with the rapid scientific changes occurring in global societies.  The academic programs offered in the different sections, are being distinguished by its comprehension and specialization together and at the same time, in addition to the flexibility in selective courses to develop the student’s interest in all specialization available in the faculty.