Game design is the art of integrating multiple forms of media and programming it in diverse scenarios. The Bachelor’s Program in Game Design is designed to meet the basic usage requirements and the aesthetic, emotional, technical, and educational needs of the user in a developed interactive environment. 

The program intensively integrates the education process with academia and the workplace which enables the student to go through the history and different design theories, programming fundamentals, game engines, different techniques of design and programming game characters, and marketing fundamentals and branding with an emphasis on creativity, environment, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Moreover, the students will be engaged in the real workplace via the practical course where they will be trained on real-world business scenarios by our partners in their workplace. In addition, students will work on different projects and have feedback to enrich their learning process.

As a graduate of the BA in Game Design program, you will have the skills and collaborative experience to pursue any number of professional design roles within game development and beyond. Program alumni have gone on to work as entrepreneurs, entry-level game designers, and more in technology and multimedia companies and educational institutions.

The program is a four-year bachelor's degree (124 credit hours), offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts /Applied Arts Department in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. In the first two years, the student will take introductory courses in design and programming and other related courses. In addition, the student will gain intellectual and creative skills and be prepared technically for these courses. By the start of junior years, the program will focus more on the practical aspect through plenty of projects presented in different courses which focus on the integration between design and programming to produce valuable games and creative designs that suit the need of the local and international market.


The program aims to

  • Introduce the student to the basics of using multimedia in transferring knowledge of all kinds and producing documentary and propaganda films.

  • Providing the student with basic skills in each of:

  • Photography and directing.

  • Designing and image processing using 2D and 3D programs.

  • Designing and producing electronic games including educational and entertainment.

  • Using multimedia apps and different computer applications.

  • Designing computer-based education lessons and producing contemporary educational programs.

  • Designing prints as advertising, magazines, newspapers…etc.

  • Web design.

  • Editing and audio processing.

  • Developing the student's self-creativity to express their civilized ideas through interactive subjects.