The graphic design programme joins information technology with graphic design and qualifies students to work in advertising.
The programme aims at producing competent graduates in commercial design and production, print and visual advertising, 3D graphic design simulation, 3D visualization, optical communication, artistic expression and graphic design applications.
The programme offers theoretical and training courses on graphic design
to produce competent graduates who have qualities that match the labour market needs and qualifies them to pursue their graduate and post-graduate studies. It is also dedicated to promote scientific and artistic research to meet the local community’s needs and development plans.
Future graduates may have several job opportunities to work in the field of graphic design as it is linked to huge industries such as advertising agencies, publishing houses, newspapers and magazines, graphic design offices, printing presses and educational institutions, video editing, product packaging, television production and web design as well as commercials.

The graphic design programme aims at producing qualified designers on the academic and practical levels to provide the work field in Palestine and other parts of the world with specialists in advertising who are able to create visual brands.
The programme also aims at producing skilful students who are able to design and carry out promotional campaigns in Palestine and abroad through adopting traditional methods.


The programme’s mission springs from it offering diverse training courses to produce competent students in graphic design and achieve the following goals:

  • Producing competent graduates who have qualities that match the local market’s needs
  • Adopting visual language to promote products and services that match the target audience’s needs
  • Developing students’ skills in research, market research and public communication


Enrolled Students should:

  1. Be loyal to their university
  2. Have a cultural background about fundamentals of Applied Arts
  3. Have the basic technical skills in the fields of art
  4. Have the ability to use the necessary terminology in the field of applied arts
  5. Understand basic principles of applied art history over the ages as well as ancient and contemporary art models in the field of interior design
  6. Be qualified to compete in the work field by using modern means of communication
  7. Have creative thinking to solve problems in the fields of applied arts
  8. Have the ability to communicate with institutions of applied arts in the Arab World and other parts of the world

Applied Arts Department works to supplement able to integrate ‎into the community and communicate with local and international ‎institutions students through quality projects that meet the needs ‎of the evolving and growing market.

Prospects for Studying Graphic Design/ Graduate Career Opportunities:

  • Graphic Design graduates may work at various design firms since it is one of the most highly in-demand jobs by different governmental bodies and institutions of different specializations and fields.
  • For this reason, graphic designers are creative artists who love innovation and can work in n a various fields such as advertising.
  • Graduates may have different job opportunities to work in the field of graphic design as it is linked to huge industries such as advertising, video editing, product packaging, television production and web design as well as commercials, awareness campaigns, posters, newspapers, magazines and books.
  • Graphic designers adopt different kinds of graphic design software such as Photoshop and others to edit photos, graphics, fonts, colors, shapes, texts and web design and deliver the appropriate message to the audience.
  • Such professions and others are available for graphic designers who are qualified to work either in small commercial shops that produce marketing posters or large international corporations with independent marketing website. Graduates may also work in cooperation with skillful graphic designers who usually design texts, images and logos of big firms.