The Musicology Programme aims at introducing students to different topics in music in theory and practice such as Arabic and Western music history and theories, Palestinian folk music, Arabic music heritage, Harmony and Polyphony music, school songs, music distribution, audio engineering, music analysis and composition.
The programme also aims at developing the students’ understanding of basic theories and teaching methods in music education.
It is worth mentioning that the students at the end of their study must submit their graduation project and play music on the faculty theater.and practice.

The programme aspires to enhance the quality of music education, promote creativity and excellence among students and employees to adequately match the labour market’s needs and produce competent graduates who will be able to teach music and spread the art of fine music.

The programme aims at providing governmental and private institutions with qualified graduates in music who will be preserving the heritage of Palestinian folk music and promoting awareness of musical culture.

Educational Objectives and Outcome:

The department of musicology aims at developing its programmes and producing competent graduates who have qualifications that match the local community’s needs by adopting modern teaching methods.


  • Fostering creativity and excellence among students
  • Spreading awareness of musical culture
  • Developing students’ musical skills
  • Developing students’ understanding of basic theories in music education


The programme aspires to achieve the following educational outputs:

  • Developing students’ ability to adopt musical vocabulary for musical criticism
  • Developing students’ ability to adopt modern techniques in the field of music
  • Building a cultural background on fundamentals of the various disciplines of fine arts
  • Developing students’ ability to spread awareness on musical culture in the community
  • Qualifying students to enter the labor market
  • Developing students’ ability to communicate with institutions of musicology in the Arab World and other parts of the world
  • Qualifying students to teach courses on music education for different educational levels
  • Developing students’ ability to cope with today’s developments in music education and music performance
  • Developing students’ basic musical skills in Arabic and Western music
  • Developing students’ understanding of history of art and music over the ages

Local, regional or global references in setting the academic and professional educational goals:
That was set through developing the department’s study plan depending on other academic plans of other departments to achieve the department’s mission in the future. The department also reviews academic programmes of other Arab and international universities.

  • Developing students’ aesthetic sense and appreciation for music (musical taste).
  • Developing children's capacity for artistic expression in all its forms since it develops children in very unique ways.
  • Helping students to achieve energy balancing between their mental and emotional abilities.
  • Allowing students to unleash their creativity.
  • Shaping students’ personal and social identity, helping foster a positive attitude towards life and teach them teamwork since many musical education programmes require teamwork as part of a band or orchestra. In these groups, students will learn how to work together.
  • Contributing to students’ emotional development as they tend to have higher self-esteem and are better at coping with anxiety.
  • Developing students’ professional, technical and substantive skills which helps them to use free time in a healthful way.
  • Discovering and identifying promising new talents as well as enhancing the skills and talents of students.
  • Enriching students’ musical knowledge and developing students’ skills in this filed.

There are many employment opportunities available for the graduates of the musicology department including:

  • Teaching:
    Where the largest majority of the musicology department graduates working in the field of teaching music education in public and private schools in all levels at home and abroad.
  • Musical instruments teaching:
    Some of the graduates work in private musical centers to teach kids how to play on variety of musical instruments through private musical sessions.
  • Singing:
    Some graduates take up singing as a profession, whether individually or in groups.
  • Performing:
    Some graduates enrolled in private music bands and play with them.
  • Composing:
    A Few of the graduates had the opportunity to involve in the field of music composition in all styles .
  • Music Arranging:
    A few of the graduates work in the field of music arranging and orchestration.