According to the objectives of the Faculty of Fine Arts at An-Najah National University and the achievements of the Fourth Scientific Artistic Conference, and in order to memorize and keep the Palestinian Folklore despite current attempts to demolish it, the Faculty has viewed it to be of great importance to hold the Fifth Scientific and Artistic conference, entitled:

The Palestinian Folklore and Arts (Reality and Challenges)

The Faculty of Fine Arts at An-Najah National University invites all interested researchers to submit their papers and research in fine arts and the Palestinian folklore heritage according to the following themes and objectives:

9th October, 2013

  1. Detecting the most important problems and challenges that face the Palestinian folklore and arts, in order to form the right solution.
  2. Harnessing modern technical potentials in order to document this heritage and establish a database that will help make appropriate decisions regarding the topics.
  3. Instilling the concept of public participation in the face of destructive Israeli procedures to reserve the Palestinian heritage.
  4. Participating in developing the research mentality in the Palestinian arts and folklore.
  • Palestine in the musical memory
  • Palestinian folklore musical instruments and its employment in modern music
  • The Palestinian Musician and Muwashah
  1. Dr. Hassan Na'irat,              (rapporteur).
  2. Prof. Yahya Jabber               (member).
  3. Dr. Ghawi Ghawi                  (member).
  4. Mr. Kamal Zaidan                 (member).
  5. Mr. Ammar Qadmani           (member).
  6. Mr. Rami Arafat                     (member).
  7. Mr. Ahmad Al-Haj Hamad   (member).
  8. Ms. Yamamah Daoud         (member) (Public Relations department).
  9. Ms. Samar Abu Hawwash  (member) (Conference Secretary) .