The idea of ​​establishing a museum of Palestinian popular heritage in the Faculty of Fine Arts in terms of the close relationship between Faculty of Fine Arts various areas of the relationship of art. We saw at the Faculty of Fine Arts, specifically that it is our duty to embrace this heritage stemming from the originality of our past and the problem of our present, to establish a nucleus evolves as the days begin to collect examples witness the legacy of the civilization and the history of this people and save them from extinction, degradation and theft, which helped in getting this great idea on the ground, and the infrastructure of financial and moral support unlimited by the university administration, and the presence of spaces adequate in the Faculty of Fine Arts, in addition to the possibility of supplementing this museum assets needed by the students of courses Palestinian folk art offered by the Faculty of Fine Arts work field research documented, and included in the exhibition, which form a good ground to allow building on it year after year. This allows the exhibition to different segments of Palestinian society the opportunity to learn their heritage, history and culture, renewable, and is a promising area within the areas of leadership in the An-Najah National University, which holds the museum its name.