The exhibition took place on Wednesday, March 14, 2018; The Department of Plastic Arts in cooperation with International Relations Department at An Najah University has organized the special exhibition Breaking Barriers, which celebrated the occasion of International Women's Day.


This event came within various activities that aim to enhance the vital role of students’ contribution, taking part in a wide range of activities that will bring their skills, passions, interests and creativity to bear on wider society.


A walk through the exhibition, the spectators could easily distinguish the female presence and participation where, Painting students were engrossed in displaying their skills from preparing their painting surfaces using several techniques before they sketched and directly painted some portraits and live scenes of their visitors. Ceramic students also did likewise; while some were exhibiting their manual dexterity in dealing with clay to create some bust sculptures in public, painting on both glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, others were involved in other live producing as modeling clay in both manual and electric pottery wheels.


In a crowded attendance from local and foreign dignitaries, students and art connoisseurs, this exhibition obviously reflected a positive appearance of the students’ advanced level in the field, specifically while in sophisticated and meaningful conversations during the exhibition.