As part of its program to host Palestinian and international artists, the Department of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Fine Arts held a meeting via Zoom webinar service with international artist Fawzi Emrani in Zurich-Switzerland, in the presence of the Dean of the faculty Dr. Mohamed Jaber, the Head of department Mrs. Lina Harb, and with participation of the students in course Painting 4 and their supervisors Jamal Bahri and Hassam Abu Al Hayat, in addition to a number of the academic staff members of the department.
At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Muhammad Jaber, welcomed artist Emrani and the presence, and emphasized the importance of the faculty’s policy for hosting local and international artists and their integrative role of transmitting their expertise to the students and other local artists that helps to develop the general scene of Arts in Palestine at the end.  Artist Emrani, in turn, has praised the Dean's speech and expressed his gladness to meet the students and the academic members, expressing his readiness to communicate and cooperate with them to exchange ideas and experiences within artistic dialogues devoted to serving art in general and art in Palestine in particular.
It is worth mentioning here that artist Emrani, of Gazan origin, was one of the distinguished students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and he obtained his bachelor degree in Oil Painting of the13th  graduation batch   in 1992. He worked as an educator of fine arts in Gaza , then he joined Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle in 1997- 2000. He resided in Germany and recently in Switzerland, where he creates his successful works, to obtain an international recognition as an active Palestinian artist.
During the meeting that the artist managed in his private studio, the artist talked about his biography, artistic practices, and the continuous endeavors to discover the renewed meanings of beauty. The artist presented a series of his distinctive works, in which he summarized the stages of his individual experiences and the accompanying navigating the worlds of color, technique, and style, which apparently led to the recruitment of his inspirational results in favor of his metaphysical tendency that characterized most of his works.
The students expressed their gratitude and the benefit of holding this meeting which is characterized by its dialogical language and constructive interaction between the artist and the participants. The Head of the department and the course supervisors expressed their thanks to the artist, especially since this meeting touched one of the most important outcomes of the course; the effect of individuality and what requires a series of research, analysis, and experiments that enables an artist to elevate his works. At the end of the meeting, they called artist Emrani to repeat such important meetings in other courses of the coming seasons.