Carpentry and Decor Workshops aims at developing students’ technical capabilities and assessing interior design students to carry out their artworks properly.

  • The workshops offer practical training courses on manufacturing and using raw materials in decorations and artworks.
  • The workshops aim at enhancing students’ technical skills and preparing them well to the work field.
  • The workshops offer manual and electric machines as well as laser drilling machines and computer-controlled ones.


  1. Designing Classrooms
    The Designing Classrooms are equipped with tables, cabinets and offer internet services and are used for designing, painting, printing and preparing artworks. The classrooms are also supervised by the courses’ teachers.
  2. Carpentry and Blacksmith Workshops and the Painting Department
    These workshops are the perfect environment for students to create, produce and develop their artworks. They also get the chance to meet technicians who offer them the needed help.
  3. Exhibitions
    Exhibitions are the place where finished artworks are displayed and projected.
  4. Stores
    In the stores, raw materials and ancient artworks are retained.
Carpentry and Decor Workshops